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We are the top accounting and auditing firm, offering audit, accounting, tax, and consulting services to help clients overcome their most difficult problems and enhance the working environment.

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Al Najaha Accounting And Auditing CO. LLC enable your company to advance purposefully, with commitment, trust, and determination. Vision into value is our core principle. 

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Al Najaha is a major Audit & Accounting firm in the UAE, serving Multinational Corporations, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Individuals. We offer services in accounting, auditing, and assurance, value-added taxation, tax compliance, financial advisory services, including business valuation and feasibility studies, etc. 

We are sure that our staff has the knowledge and experience necessary to meet all client expectations because they are aware of their needs and company procedures. 

Our clients range from huge multinational corporations to individuals in the private sector. By using a proactive stance, we aim to provide our clients with valuable services and more effective financial management, including tax guidance and overall business management. 


Our mission is to build a vibrant, creative, and competitive atmosphere while providing our clients in Dubai with superior accounting services.


The company's vision is to be known as one of Dubai's top accounting firms for offering all-inclusive accounting services and fostering a positive work environment for all of its staff members.

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Suji Prathapan

Managing Director

A.C.C.A, M.Com Auditor and VAT Consultant

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In the United Arab Emirates, paying taxes is a must for all businesses because the revenue generated goes toward the development of the nation. By completing tax returns, using the right tax accounting services in Dubai ensures that your company complies with tax regulations. A single accounting procedure error could result in a significant loss for the company. A business needs a taxes strategy to combat this. This plan should involve careful preparation and the identification of tax concerns. It should also be consistent with the corporate strategy and not be separated from the business framework. A business entity can compare the tax situation as needed by developing a tax plan. Realizing the advantages of a unified tax system, the UAE has revised its tax code to make it more palatable to foreign investors and businesspeople.

Accounting is a systematic process for identifying, recording, evaluating, classifying, authenticating, abridging, construing, and communicating financial information. An accurate accounting discloses a company’s profit or loss for a specific time period as well as the value and make-up of its assets, liabilities, and ownership share. It covers practices and knowledge bodies connected to ways of recording transactions, maintaining financial records, conducting internal audits, reporting and analyzing financial data to management, and offering tax advice. Accounting gives details on the resources a firm has at its disposal, the methods used to finance those resources, and the outcomes reached via the use of those resources. Accounting firms are essential to helping businesses improve their reputation, liquidity, credit management, audits, financial reporting, etc.

Auditing is a method for assessing the effectiveness of a company’s internal controls. Maintaining an accurate system of internal controls is essential for a company to achieve its business goals, obtain consistent financial reporting on its operations, prevent fraud and asset theft, and lower its cost of capital. Both internal and outside auditors provide distinct but significant contributions to a company’s audit system. Hiring a skilled auditor in UAE can help your company identify issues and ensure effectiveness while also offering a high level of assurance. Investing in expert audit services in UAE may also guarantee the highest level of financial transparency for your company. The purpose of auditing is to independently examine financial statements in order to spot errors, fraud, and ensure data correctness.


If a company's taxable imports and supplies exceed the statutory registration threshold of AED 375,000, it must register for VAT. Additionally, if a company's imports and supply exceed the voluntary registration threshold of AED 187,500, it may elect to register for VAT on a voluntary basis. Similar to this, a company may register voluntarily if its expenses exceed the voluntary registration level. 

It is now even more crucial for every firm to hire tax accountants due to the increase in the legal requirements for businesses to maintain accurate financial records. Tax accounting aids in the timely submission of VAT reports and maintains financial transparency during FTA tax audits. 

Yes. According to Federal Law No. 2 of 2015's Article No. 27 of Chapter 2's New Commercial Companies Law, every Limited Liability Company and Joint Stock Company must have one or more auditors to annually review the company's financial records. According to the guidelines in this Decree-Law, the remaining company types may select an auditor. The Company is required to prepare yearly financial accounts, which must include a balance sheet and a profit and loss account. 

Unless there is another UAE resident who is in charge of keeping track of the VAT on these deliveries, non-residents who make taxable supplies in the UAE must register for VAT. This exclusion might be applicable, for instance, if a business operating in the UAE is required to account for VAT in connection with a purchase made from a non-resident under a reverse charge method. 

Yes. Employing an accounting firm that offers comprehensive accounting department experience is known as outsourcing accounting services in the UAE. This typically includes managing financial reporting, payroll, taxation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and day-to-day transaction code. A business must give the accountant a corporate visa, health insurance, travel ticket, and monthly compensation in addition to integrating the appropriate accounting software, making the cost of hiring a full-time dedicated accountant in the UAE very high. By simply outsourcing accounting services to Dubai, UAE, small businesses in the UAE can avoid all of these costs. 

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